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John’s parents acquired the washer when he was a small boy. It happened during World War II. His family never __1__ a washing machine and, since gasoline was expensive, they could not __2__ trips to the laundry several miles away. Keeping clothes __3__ became a problem for young John’s household.

A family friend joined the army, and his wife __4__ to go with him. John’s family __5__ to store their furniture while they were away. To the family’s __6__, the friend suggested they use their Bendix. So this is how they __7__ the washer.

Young John helped with the washing, and across the years he __8__ a love for the old, green Bendix. But __9__ the war ended. When the friends came to take it back, John grew terribly __10__. His mother __11__ him and said. “You must remember, that machine __12__ belonged to us in the first place. That we ever got to use it at all was a gift. So, instead of being mad at it being taken __13__, let’s use this __14__ to be grateful that we had it at all.”

The lesson turned out __15__. Years later, John watched his eight-year-old daughter die a slow and painful death of leukemia (风寒). Though he __16__ for months with her death, John could not begin getting over from the __17__ until he remembered the old Bendix.

His daughter was a __18__. When he realized the simple fact, everything changed. He could now begin recovering from the death of his daughter. He started to see her as a marvelous gift that he was fortunate enough to __19__ for a time. He felt __20__. He found strength and recovery. He knew he could get through the valley of loss.


1.【答案】C。剖析:试验动词。A. required渴求;B. repaired修复;C. owned获得;D. saw眼见;重组下一句“出于汽油很贵,她们家出不帮开车去几英里外的干洗店的柴油钱”能够,她们家从来不曾拥有(own)彩电,故选C。

2.【答案】A。剖析:试验动词。A.afford买得起;B.have有;C. take得到;D. ride骑;出于汽油很贵,她们家都负责不帮(afford)开车去几英里外的干洗店的柴油钱,故选A。

3.【答案】B。剖析:试验形容词。A. good好;B.clean清洁;C.warm温暖;D.nice光明的;于是保持衣服的清洁(clean)就成了小约翰一家人之一大难题,故选B。


5.【答案】B。剖析:试验动词。A.decided 决定;B. offered提供;C.expected仰望;D.promised承诺;由上一句可知,爱人和老伴即将要走,于是乎John专家主动(offered)赞助她们保存其家具,选B。

6.【答案】D。剖析:试验名词。A.regret后悔;B.excitement 激动;C. sadness殷殷;D.astonishment天伦之乐;重组前后语境可知,军人朋友表示他们可以运用洗衣机,她们就解决了洗衣服的不便,于是他们很惊喜(astonishment),故选D。

7.【答案】D。剖析:试验动词。A.used采用;B.bought 买;C.borrowed借;D. got得到;根据前文John’s parents acquired...中的acquire重组语境可知,这就是她们洗衣机的得来(got),能够选D。


9.【答案】A。剖析:试验副词。A.finally最后;B. obviously强烈;C. peacefully和平;D.immediately立马;由副一句“顶朋友回来取回洗衣机时”,预料到最后(finally)烟尘结束了,选A。

10.【答案】A。剖析:试验形容词。A.upset灰心丧气;B.hopeless无望;C.confused 困惑;D. frightened害怕;由下文可知当朋友回来取回洗衣机时,约翰变得特别之难过(upset),选A。

11.【答案】B。剖析:试验动词。A. encouraged勉励;B.comforted安慰;C.taught 教;D.explained诠释;眼见儿子不愉快,妈妈自然过来安慰(comforted)她,选B。

12.【答案】D。剖析:试验副词。A. once 曾经;B. already已经;C.hardly困难的;D. never从不;你不能不记住,那台机器从最初就不曾(never)属于我们,选D。

13.【答案】B。剖析:试验副词。A. down下乡;B.away离开;C.out出去;D. up上来;于是不应当因为他把带走而生气,take away把带走,故选B。

14.【答案】A。剖析:试验名词。A. chance机会;B.success成功;C.event事件;D.treasure 宝藏;重组语境可知,因为朋友参军才把洗衣机留给约翰他们暂时使用,她们才有这样一个机会(chance),故选A。

15.【答案】C。剖析:试验形容词。A.important首要;B.reasonable有理由;C. invaluable无价的;D. necessary必要的;根据后文是妈妈的话让作者走出了失去女儿的伤痛的,能够妈妈的话是无价的(invaluable),故选C。

16.【答案】C。剖析:试验动词。A. thought想;B.missed思念;C.struggled挣扎;D.forgot忘记;由副一句可知,几个月时间,她仍然无法从失去爱女的伤痛中挣扎(struggle)出去,故选C。

17.【答案】A。剖析:试验名词。A.loss失去;B.illness病魔;C. difficulty 艰苦;D. lesson课;根据后一句提示可知,她无法从这份损失(loss)美方恢复过来,故选A。

18.【答案】C。剖析:试验名词。A.washer洗涤器;B. death已故;C.gift 礼物;D. loser失败者;由后文可知,她的姑娘就是一份厚礼(gift),故选C。

19.【答案】C。剖析:试验动词。A. earn赚;B.spend消费;C.share分享;D. live生存;句意:她把女儿看作一份神奇之礼品,一份他可以幸运地曾经短时间地享有(share)的礼品,故选C。

20.【答案】B。剖析:试验形容词。A.happy欢乐;B.grateful谢天谢地;C.relaxed放松;D.energetic元气旺盛的;根据最后一句:He knew he could get through the valley of loss.能够,她以为他能够度过痛失爱女的跌势。以及将来文第三段语境...,let’s use this chance to be grateful that we had it at all.能够,她充满感激(grateful)故选B。


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